Friday, November 7, 2008


United we stand as a nation or divided we fall as a nation. There were no loosers on November 4th, this was an election that has decided we all are equal regardless of the color of our skin. For those who did not support Obama, I hope that you will find it in your heart to pray for our new Commander in Chief. People may agree or disagree but the one thing that will not change when our nation suffer we all suffer. If we want to make it to the promise land one day we have to do some soul searching ourselves you might not agree with my moral values or I might not agree with yours but regardless of that, God tells me I have to show love. God blesses whom he will he shows love to all it does not matter if you are a Republican or Democrat, he loves us all the same. Once we as a nation can unite as one and not put God in this box we can overcome the issues that our nation face. We have not gone through the last eight years for nothing, through the wars and the economic hard times our nation has faced we have to let God order our footsteps and pray for one another.